Comprehensive Consultancy for Cosmetic Research, Development and Production

Our client-tailored comprehensive consulting will help achieving your goal

We provide comprehensive consulting across the entire process from development and production to the shipment of final product.

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Excellent Quality

We guarantee excellence through our stringent quality control system certified by CGMP and ISO 22716.

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Comprehensive Consultancy

whole process from devising to producing.

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Client-Tailored Solution

Our solution is thoroughly tailored to the distinctive and specific needs of each client.


Our outstanding comprehensive system combines our R&D capability and marketing analysis to reach beyond mere OEM and to the final product.

system provides a comprehensive service across development, manufacturing, quality control and shipping.


Backed up by our CGMP(The Ministry of Food and Drug Safety certification for business with high quality cosmetic manufacturing and quality control standard) approved producing facility and process and quality control, our service is tailored to the client from flexible to massive manufacturing.

Our OEM process is capable of producing to meet the various requirements of client.

OEM / ODM / OGM PROCESS Producing Procedure


Market Research and Consultation

Devise concepts to lead the market trend via visiting our sites or consulting through website and phone call.


Selection and Estimation

After confirming some of the major details for materials and packaging initial estimation of price is made.


Contract and Paper works

When specific discussions on price and timeline are done, contract will proceed. Generally, half of the price is paid in advance to the production and the other half is paid after delivery.


Sample Requirement and Testing

Sample is produced after research and testing, along with design confirmation and carton package testing.
After sample is confirmed warehousing schedule for materials is fixed.


Semi-Final and Final Product Quality Testing

Quality of product’s content is tested during the produce. The final product is tested of its overall quality and applied for the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety’s approval throughout the filling procedure.


Supply, Delivery and Vigilance

With our comprehensive overview across regulations of various global markets, production, quality control and shipping, our clients will have competitive edge of global level.

Production Procedure After Order Made
01. material provision
for each product

(whether material would be directed-bought)

02. Inquiring and confirming
sample of the content

(Possibility for functional cosmetic registration reviewed)

03. Testing carton packaging and fixing
warehousing schedule of material

(Production schedule is fixed after material is warehoused)

04. Content production and
quality evaluation
05. Production packaging
and filling
06. Final delivery of
products and paper works